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Door Hanging Scunthorpe

When you invest in new doors it is important that you get someone to fit them properly. After-all you don't want them to hang at an odd angle or have it so they catch on the floor. Just Doors can arrange the perfect services. Our carpenters have a lot of experience and produce results that make us the number one for door hanging Scunthorpe has.

What type of frame?

The fitting will differ depending on the type of frame. Generally it is easier to install doors in new frames because you can be absolutely clear on the dimensions. Simply measure, cut the door to size and finish with a plane so that it will open and close without catching on the floor. Be careful with how much you cut or plane off though; if you remove too much it can weaken the structure of the door.

Older frames are harder to deal with. This is because they may not be standard sizes and might not be straight anymore. As a result you need to take more measurements to ensure the new door fits. It may be a good idea to use the existing door as a guide for the new one. In the worst cases you will need a custom product. If you are replacing the hinges the best thing to do is choose ones that are the same size.

Quality results

The thing that makes our service stand out is we always achieve a first rate finish. We leave doors and frames that look great and work smoothly. If you choose a door with panels we will trim from the top and bottom to keep the symmetry. In addition we plane carefully to ensure there is no splitting.

Whether it is internal or external doors, we can fit them properly for you. We can even arrange to supply products for you if you are yet to order them. Our prices are fantastic, especially for the quality of workmanship we deliver. We can even offer a free quotation if you want to get an idea of prices.

If you want the best door hanging Scunthorpe has available, get in touch with us today. From new builds to old homes, we install doors effectively and ensure they look great.