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Door Hanging Scarborough

Just Doors is the most skilled business working in door hanging Scarborough has available. We can provide a reliable service for any need, including fitting interior doors and external ones. In addition to fitting, we also supply high quality product. This makes for a very comprehensive service, and it is one we're proud of.

New doors for old frames

The trickiest job is installing new doors into existing frames. The issue is that over time the property can settle and the shape of the frame can change. While it may have been square and even at one time, it may no longer be. That makes it challenging to fit a new door.

A good thing to do is remove the old door and take its measurements for the new one. As a result you can get a more accurate fit. If you need to alter doors in any way make sure you take an even amount off each side and end to keep it symmetrical.

New frames

It should be much easier to hang a door in a new frame. It should be level, even and a standard shape. As a result the door shouldn't require as many alterations and it should be easier to get a good fit.

A wide range

There are plenty of different styles of door to choose from. We supply a number of them, including clear pine, hardwood, and also glazed ones. Our team can help you to select the right one for every part of a property. We consider everything, including how the door will look as well as how secure it will be.

Door hanging at its finest

It can be tough trying to find door hanging specialists you can depend on. However, we can take on any project regardless of how big or small it is. Fully qualified carpenters will attend to your requirements. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that everything is in capable hands.

If you wish to get in touch via phone, we can provide you with free quotations. During this time, we can also answer any questions you have. Work with us went you want the best team for door hanging Scarborough has to offer.