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Door Hanging Hull

Quality doors are a great investment and provide an array of benefits. Interior ones add to the aesthetics of rooms and also help to stop noises from filtering through the property. Exterior ones on the other hand can improve the look of the entire property and provide good security. At Just Doors we can provide first rate installations for all of these products. We are proud to be the best team to call on for door hanging Hull has.

Ensuring a good fit

The one thing you don't want with any door is it sticking on the carpet or flooring. This will damage the floor cover as well as the doors. As a result it is important to ensure that each one is the perfect height.

This may require professional measuring and alterations such as planing or sanding. If the door needs to be trimmed several millimetres it may be best to saw it first and then finish with a plane or sander. Our team can carefully shave down different types of door to make sure that they fit properly. In doing so, we take care to keep the edges level and even. This is important for the final finish.


It is also important to make sure that the hinges are in the right place.

Our team will ensure the correct placement, giving the door the support it needs and also protecting the frame. There are a number of options with hinges, including hiding the screws to provide additional security.

The right service

Just Doors works hard to deliver the very best services. We cater for a wide array of different needs, offering to supply doors as well as fit them or install ones you have already purchased. Our carpenters have extensive experience and access to all of the right tools. As a result we can deliver the perfect service. If the quality of our services wasn't enough we also offer the most competitive prices.

We charge as little as £25 for doors and provide door hanging Hull residents can rely on from £30. Whether you want us to hang one or several, we are up to the task. You can contact us today if you have any questions or would like a quote.